The Purchase & Supply Procedure

  1. Selection Of The Material According To Your Choice & Requirement.
  2. Negotiation With The Supplier Company At Your Best As General Market Criteria In Furniture City & Light City Is That They Provide Discounts On The Retail Price Offered To You For The First Time. The Discount % Is Fluctuable And Depends On The Quantity Purchased & The Company You Are Dealing With.
  3. Kindly Get The Order Form Issued From The Company For The Material Purchased With The Final Discounted Price Mentioned In That P.I.
  4. Please Do Cross & Tally The Model No. & Price Of The Material Purchased As Mentioned In The P.I. With The Actual Product On Display To Avoid The Confusion Or Mismatch Of Product Purchased.
  5. Regarding The Advance Part What Companies Shall Demand You Have To Provide Our China Office Details & Tell Them That Our Company Shall Send Them Advance Afterwards After Receiving The Advance From You We Shall Forward The Same To Them.
  6. The P.I Has To Be Handed Over To Our China Office For Further Co.Ordination.

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